XGL/Compiz shortcuts

o Switch windows = Alt+Tab
o Arrange and view all windows = Moving the pointer to the top right screen corner turns on or off; clicking a window will zoom it to the front
o Switch desktops on cube = Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right Arrow (or moving your mouse to the edge of your screen and rolling your mouse wheel)
o Switch desktops on cube with the active window following = Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left/Right Arrow
o Rotate cube manually = Ctrl+Alt+Left-click and grab an empty desktop space.
o Make window translucent/opaque = Either with the “transset” utility or Alt+Mouse wheel (or right clicking on a window’s title bar, and selecting the settings from ‘Appearance’)
o Zoom in once = Super-key+Right-click
o Zoom in manually = Super-key+Mouse wheel up
o Zoom out manually = Super-key+Mouse wheel down
o Move window = Alt+Left-click
o Snap move window (will stick to borders) = Ctrl+Shift+Left-click
o Resize window = Alt+Right-click
o Bring up the window below the top window = Alt+Middle-click
o Slow-motion = Shift+F10
o Water = Hold Ctrl+Super key, and move mouse
o Rain = Shift-F9


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